Just A Few Days To BITSAT 2019: Here is What You Shouldn’t Do

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You will find a lot of blogs online on what you should do when just a few days are left for your exams. Especially for the exams, that can define your career, like JEE and BITSAT.

The pressure of these exams is immense and can give you sleepless nights, not to mention the difficulty level of these examinations. What can make or break your chance of doing well is how well you have prepared in the last few days till your exams.

You will find information about what you should do in these last days to your BITSAT examination. Sometimes not following the norms and taking the smart approach can take you further.

Here are some things you should not do in these last few days to BITSAT 2019:

Finishing the Syllabus at the last moment

Just in case you weren’t able to complete the syllabus of the examination in the last 2 years, it is pointless to do it now. Learning new concepts in these last few days will take you nowhere.

If you pick up a new topic or numerical problem which is alien to you will make a dent to your confidence and will rather confuse you. Your best bet will be to focus on your strengths and what you have studied. Revise what you know, and you will perform better in the upcoming BITSAT 2019.

And if you have finished the syllabus, then keep revising. Schedule your revision sessions wisely, so that you have enough time to take BITSAT mock tests.

More is Better

During these last days, you will get a lot of advice on how practicing more mock tests will help you improve your BITSAT scores. Well, this analogy is not entirely true as the practice is not about quantity, but quality.

Don’t practice everything available in the market as you will not only waste time by solving irrelevant questions but also not gain any confidence out of it. Hence, more so reason for you to attempt the Pre-BITSAT test series of myPAT. The questions in the test series are carefully selected by analysing the past year papers to give you last minute edge over your competition.

BITSAT is not about how tough the examination is, but it will test your speed and accuracy. Hence, all the more important for you to select the right resources.

Time to Brainstorm

Are you curious about what your friends are studying and what is their strategy? Well, you are not the only one. This is not the right time to brainstorm as it can hamper your confidence, especially If you find out that your friends are studying what you didn’t.

Stick to your guns and focus on the topics you know well. All you need is to score 70% in BITSAT (315 marks) and you will clear the cut-off.

Take cues from Andrew Flintoff and not M.S Dhoni

Andrew Flintoff was a good all-round cricketer but never was a good captain for England. Why? Because he succumbed under pressure situations.

Ever wondered why MSD was the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team? No matter how much pressure, his cool and calm demeanour has always taken out the team from dire situations.

Examinations are no different. It’s all about how well you handle pressure and overcome crunch situations. Exams like BITSAT, JEE will test you in a time constraint environment and the pressure will be immense. So, prepare accordingly in these last few days, devoid of any distractions. Be calm like MSD!

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete” So, make these last few days count and know BITSAT 2019 out of the park.

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