Roadmap to IITs: Best Books for JEE 2018

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Roadmap to IITs: Best Books for JEE 2018

JEE is the most prestigious and competitive college entrance exam in India or rather the world. The fact that students are rigorously tested in all the subjects make the JEE selection criteria the toughest one. The two most important reasons which can be cited for the tough passing rate in JEE is the high number of aspirants along with the syllabus. While the foreign universities have a highly-relaxed admission criterion which tests students for general aptitude and language skills, JEE is known to test students’ skills in all the Science subjects. It is a well-known fact that JEE and other top Indian colleges are tougher to get into (read more).

Recommended Books for IIT-JEE Preparation


As the JEE Advanced is written by serious aspirants, it requires them to stretch themselves beyond limits. A student needs to go beyond the text books to build a solid foundation for the JEE exam. However, these recommended books for IIT JEE preparation do not make up for a fool proof strategy. An aspirant should be able to understand his/her current standing in various concepts to score maximum from his strengths and lose least marks to his/her weaknesses (read more on our blog titled JEE Advanced: The Right Strategy). It is very important to be able to categorize questions from chapters into tough and easy (as per a candidate’s existing knowledge). This practice is important for an aspirant to minimize the penalty of negative scores in case of incorrect answers. Read more on our blog titled: Unlock More Marks – Go Online -1 mark.

Best Books for JEE Main

JEE Main has replaced the erstwhile AIEEE and is easier in comparison to the JEE Advanced. JEE Main has simpler questions and requires high speed in comparison to JEE Advanced which has lesser questions with more complexity. While JEE Main is taken by any student who meets the basic criteria, JEE Advanced is taken by top 2.2 lac rankers from JEE Main.

JEE Mains or Advanced has never been predictive and therefore never succumbed to any trend. In fact, one of the foremost reasons for JEE being tough is the unpredictive nature of the exam which often shocks the test takers.

Physics Books for JEE Main

Standard books like NCERT / H.C Verma: Not to forget, standard books like NCERT and Physics by H.C Verma are written by eminent educationists and thus these have a very good explanation in lesser words.
Question Bank by reputed authors like B.M Sharma, D.C Pandey etc.: Well, these books offer a plethora of questions bespoke to JEE pattern.

Read more on our blog titled Last Month Preparation Tips for JEE Main Physics.

Chemistry Books for JEE Main

NCERT class XI and XII for Inorganic Chemistry: NCERT is hailed to be the best resource for Inorganic Chemistry JEE preparation.

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Math Books for JEE Main

Standard books like NCERT / R.D Sharma: Most of the students tend to ignore the standard books that have the major chunk of concept explanation and practice material for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
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Question Bank by reputed authors like TMH, M.L Khanna etc.: Last but not the least, mastering JEE Math requires a lot of practice and dedication.

Best Books for JEE Advanced

To prepare for JEE Advanced, one needs to practice slightly tougher questions that may require use of multiple concepts. Also, JEE Advanced questions are expected to be slightly twisted which may require practicing longer questions. Read more on our blog titled Time Management Tips for IITJEE.

Physics Books for JEE Advanced

Physics by Resnick Halliday: Resnick Halliday is hailed as the ‘Bible of Physics’ as it presents complex concepts in a very simple manner. Also, the questions and exercises from Resnick Halliday is considered the best for strengthening concepts.

IE Irodov: Well, this book is not for the faint-hearted. The tougher problems of Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism in this book are unmatched and require very high concentration levels and patience.

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Chemistry Books for JEE Advanced

Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis: This book has been an international bestseller for the kind of conceptual clarity that it provides to learners.

Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon: O.P Tandon’s Organic Chemistry has been lauded especially for systematic presentation tailored to JEE preparation.

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Math Books for JEE Advanced

The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates by S.L. Loney: This book has been referred as a holy grail for Coordinate Geometry and has very easy explanations of various concepts.

Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney: Trigonometry is also a complex topic as it requires a deep memorization of various complex formulae. Here again, S.L Loney’s book on Plane Trigonometry is hailed as the best resource for preparation.

Problems in Calculus of one variable by I.A. Maron: I.A. Maron’s Calculus book is referred by most of the authors in concept introduction and explanation.

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Other online simulated Test-Oriented practice

It is important to rehearse your attempts seriously. You should time all the three sections and the whole mock test just like the mentioned time pattern. For the students practicing sample tests from books or on paper, it becomes very tough. It is, therefore, recommended to take up online tests as these are simulations of actual JEE and replicate the same environment. Read more on our blog titled Unlock More Marks.

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